Keep Your Strength For the Weekend!

Multiple activities for the Harp community this weekend!

Raffle this Saturday in James Joyce Pub, Calle de Alcalá after the Ireland rugby match (5.30 pm). Prizes are 1 x 200€ Primark voucher, 5 x 20€ Primark voucher, Harps’ t-shirts and more. All welcome.

irlandrugbymatchTraining this Sunday morning (10th) in Campo de Las Naciones at 10.30 am. Hopefully will see you all there. Don’t know how to go there? See here how.


A Coruña Tournament: Can people confirm if they want to go to A Coruña Tournament 13th april and if so how do they plan on going there? Some people are going via car and others via Ryanair to Santiago de Compostela. If you plan on going by car please tell us if you’re going via your own car or if you want a lift. If you are going via plane please confirm with us first as well.