Double Training: The Harps want more!

Long time since the latest news… But that does not mean that the Harps were stopped! Quite the opposite, since last week the Harps have started to train twice a week!


This year is being very hard. The competition level has increased, and rivals like Barcelona and Valencia are very strong. The Harps are not getting the desired results.

david gavin barcelona

We want more! We want to put it more difficult to rivals! It is quite good to be the thirds, but for us it is not enough! We want to win! And if we lose, we want opposing teams out of the field exhausted after the game and thinking: “OMG! How difficult is to win the Harps!”


We therefore decided to double our efforts, and train twice a week. So we will be prepared for the tough tournaments coming: Barcelona and Madrid!

barcerlona park guell