Iberian Championship and A Coruña Tournament Results Updated

Nine days to go for the 3rd Round of the Iberian Championship (Barcelona Tournament) and we have (finally!!) updated the results of the 2nd Round (A Coruña Tournament) in our web. After the 2nd Round Barcelona is clearly leading both competitions, ladies and men. Both teams are showing great superiority over their rivals, having the stronger teams this year and having all the chances for winning the Iberian Championship 2013. From the Madrid Harps we can only say: congratulations!

equipos torneo acoruña 2013

First of all we have to thank all the Fillos de Breogán for the magnificent job they have done one more year for organising this great tournament! The 2nd edition of the A Coruña tournament ended with very different results from those of the previous year. While last year only three teams participated in this tournament (A Coruña, Valencia and Madrid), this year it seems it will be the one with the most teams playing (4 in ladies and 7 in men), possibly being the tournament in which more teams have played in the history of the Iberian Championship. We also have to welcome two new Galician teams that have played their first matches ever in the Iberian Championship: Irmandiños A Estrada and Mecos O Grove! Our most sincere congratulations to them!


For us the tournament was also very different than the last year but with similar results. Last year we came to A Coruña having won both ladies’ and men’s Iberian Championship. This year we came there having won a 3rd place in the 1st Round and hoping of improving this result. We made our best to do it, but finally we achieve two 3rd places in both competitions. Following the results in the two first rounds, winning the Iberian Championship this year is going to be almost impossible for both ladies’ and men’s teams. Still, we keep wanting to improve, and we will try to win (and do it!!) the two missing tournaments: Barcelona and Madrid.

jumping_harpettesYou can follow all the ratings in our Iberian Championship 2013 section.