Barcelona Tournament / Friendly games in Cordoba / Medical Card

Hi everybody!


Sundays at 10.45am (meeting at 10.30am) and Wednesdays at 7.30pm. More information at


As last season the club is going to book tickets to go there by AVE train (2:30 hours), so if you want to attend and specially if you need transport Let us know ASAP:

– If you are going to attend.
– In that case if you need transport and/or accommodation.
– And in that case when do you want to leave and back. You can choose:
    go there on Friday evening or Saturday morning (very early, at 6 am)
    back on Saturday night (last train leaves Barcelona at 10.30pm) or Sunday afternoon.

Please confirm if you are going or if you aren’t to know how many train tickets we need!!

Full cost of the weekend is like: €74 transport (return), €35 tournament (including to play, lunch and the dinner), and accommodation by not more than €20/night.

3.- Friendly trip to Córdoba: 8th of February
Madrid, Seville and Marbella clubs are organizing a friendly triangular in Cordoba. I’m waiting to know how many games we are going to have and if Marbella can travel with their kids team to play a game with ours.

The plan is to go there by cars on Saturday morning (around 2 hours 30 ), play the matches and back to Madrid. If you want to stay in Cordoba a few of us will and back on Sunday.

Please let us know if you are interested on going, if you have car/need transport and if you want to stay on Saturday night to find a cheap hostel for all the people.

4.- Other tournament dates:
– A Coruña on April (5th or 12th hopefully we will let you know this week).
– Madrid the 10th of May.
– Valencia on 31st of May.

5.- 2014 Membership
Membership is now due for 2014. The fee is unchanged from last year, i.e. €45 per individual and €50 per family. The deadline for payment is February 28th after which a late surcharge of €15 applies.

Payment should be made by bank transfer stating “YOUR FULL NAME” MEMBERSHIP 2014.

Please note that membership for 2014 is valid until September 1 2014. This is to align the financial year with the footballing year.

6.- Information for Newcomers – Do you have your Medical Card?
James J. our treasurer want to tell you this:

As some of you are new to the club and new to Spain you may not be aware that your medical costs are covered if you are paying social security. If you have a contract then your employer must pay your social security. You can ask them to see proof. English schools are notorious for not paying this as they know that most teachers are only here for a short time and they see it as an opportunity to save some money.

If all this is in order then you need to go to your “Centro de Salud” In actual fact they should be able to tell you if your social security is being paid.

You will need to bring the following documentation with you:
1.       Your passport (and a photocopy) – bring this to every appointment you have with a government agency. It’s easier – trust me!!
2.      Your Tarjeta de Residencia (NIE) and a photocopy.
3.      Volante de Empadronamiento. If you don’t know what this is ask me as it’s too long to explain here. Basically it’s a document that proves your address  – there is no equivalent in Ireland.
4.      El Certificado Acreditativo de Derecho a Asistencia Sanitaria or el Documento de Afiliación a la Seguridad Social, which you have to get from your nearest Instituto Nacional de la Seguridad Social office (INSS)

Unfortunately, this is a long winded process but you must have a “Tarjeta sanitaria” if you want to avail of medical services here. Otherwise you will have to pay through the nose.

Please Note: Madrid Harps are not responsible for any injury sustained during club activities.

If you need any help please contact me (JJ) and I’ll do what I

See you at the pitch!