Happy New Year! It’s time to back for work!

Hi everybody!

Happy New Year! hope all of you had a great Christmas time. Now it’s time to back for work, season is about to begin! For all the people who play last season with us and  couldn’t attend to the Christmas dinner, we’ve posted a video of last  season on our Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/6196877522

Also you can watch it on Youtube (not available on smartphones): http://youtu.be/yH_LzTOAjr8

For this week:
1.- Training this sunday the 12th. Campo de las Naciones at 10:30.  If you need help to find the place let us know:


Extra training session during the week coming soon.

2.- Tournament dates. There are not all confirmed yet but we can say now that Madrid tournament will be on the 10th of May so keep that day free!!

The other tournaments:

  • Barcelona on March (the 1st or the 8th)
  • A Coruña on April
  • Valencia on June

I’ll confirm you the dates next week, specially Barcelona in order to start organizing the transport. AVE train isn’t expensive if you buy the tickets in advance, and now you can by tickets per 64€ return on those dates.

3.- 2014 Membership. Membership is now due for 2014. The fee is unchanged from last year, i.e. €45 per individual and €50 per family. The deadline for payment is February 28th after which a late surcharge of €15 applies.

Payment should be made by bank transfer stating     “YOUR FULL NAME” MEMBERSHIP 2014

Please note that membership for 2014 is valid until September 1 2014. This is to align the financial year with the footballing year.

That’s all for this week. Hope t osee all of you on sunday!