Madrid Harps won / Hope Irmandinhas will be recovered soon / Valencia tournament

10252082_10152084863810509_8322990417492489942_nHi Everybody and congratulation for Madrid tournament!

Not just about sport results but the organization was brilliant. Everybody did a great job helping and supporting the club.

As probably you know Madrid Harps won Madrid tournament, men and ladies, 3 in a row!!Special mention to O’Donnell men team, which finished 4th on the biggest tournament we’ve ever hosted.

Congratulations to everybody!

Another mention, sad this time, for one of the cars of Irmandinhos ladies team, which had an accident driving back to A Estrada last Sunday:

  • Andrea Piñeiro Puente
  • Carlos Antonio Torres Pérez
  • Rita Ferreiro Nóvoa (Most seriously injured, broken ribs and dislocated vertebrae)
  • Gema Calvo Villaverde
  • África Bonet Carballo

They are now fine except Rita. From Madrid Harps, we hope to see them at the pitch soon!!

For this week:

Valencia Tournament

The 31st of May. I’ve already booked a nice hostel just beside the beach. It’s the last tournament of the Iberian championship, and we’ll take the men and ladies trophies, so we’ll have a big celebration. Please let me know:DSC_0381

  • If you want to come
  • If you need transport
  • If you have a car/can drive
  • If you need accommodation
  • In this case, 1 or 2 nights?

Training next Wednesday the 18th

Same place as always, and 2 weeks left to the end of the season!!

That’s all for this week. See you this Sunday!