MathĂșin goes over the Latest News

Hi Harps,

Congratulations to Dublin on the win, not pretty but a win is a win. Let’s hope Mayo get a hold of Sam soon.

This week:

a) Training 10:30 am as usual near Campo de las Naciones.

b) All-Ireland Raffle: We’ll post winners names on web page. A big thank to you all for selling tickets, prizes, etc. A special thanks to those that sold tickets in the James Joyce: Jenny, Katie, Katherine, Andres and JJ (sorry if we forgot someone).

c) Suggestion Box: Please feel free to email us your suggestions on training etc. It would be good to have feedback to know how we can make this better and more fun. As far as having training later on a Sunday that’s difficult as rugby matches are about to begin, sorry…. 😩

d) New Jerseys: we’re hoping to get a new kit prior to Christmas and need a team to pick gear, prepare design. Please let us know if you want to form part of the group that decides on this.

See you Sunday.